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Doesn't photography start when and where there are no words ?

These instinctual photos reflect metaphorically the body's state after rape. The body's complaint expresses itself through the separation of the body and the mind. The mind withdraws in such depths that the body is driven away and no longer feels. In a state of weightlessness, the drifting body is deprived and remains only as a concentrated magma of fluids, made of lascivious cells.


It's consciousness is dissolved into the pit of the soul. In an absolute detachment from the sensitive world, the psyche returns to the state of stillness, "la plenitude du vide".

These photos where taken in the thickness of water. Water, the original feminine element, is seen as the organic symbol 

of a woman's tears. But it is also purification, refuge and a repairing balm. The bodies, seen at peace, roam in the cradling water, recalling the memory of the amnios. 

They are the photos of the silence, the same silence that cages the rape victims' voices. 

The water is silence, the bodies are mute. 


"Ophelia", the figure of the eternal feminine in the Pre-Raphaelite iconography (Millais, Waterhouse, Delaroche), was the inspiration for these photos. 

Opposing the violent reality with Ophelia's sacrificed grace seemed to me the most expressive way to illustrate the subject. "To speak is forbidden, to be silent is impossible".

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